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Air Travel and Stollers

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Air Travel and Stollers

Reduce stress when traveling with a Baby Stroller

Navigating your way through an airport and traveling with small children can be stressful at the best of times.  Reduce your stress levels by planning ahead and using our tips when bringing along a stroller.

Plan Ahead - Stroller Size

Oversized stroller

Is your stroller the same size as a Humvee?  What are your travel plans? What size of vehicle are you renting? Are there hotel and other transfers needed?  How often will you be using it? Is your supersized stroller going to fit in with your plans?  Consider a smaller stroller for your trip.  Smaller collapsible strollers are easier to manage along with all the other items you are hauling with you. Check with your airline for restrictions.

Checkin in your Stroller

Consider checking in your stroller as a check piece of baggage.  Not only does this free up the items you carry through the airport, the airline may force very large stroller to be check in for special handle purposes. Many airlines provide plastic bags to keep your items clean.  Take advantage of this.

Strollers and Airport Security

Just as with our other person carryon items, a stroller is subject to security screening as well. Airport security may require the stroller to go through a x ray machine.  Large strollers will require a large x ray machine, these may not be readily available. Make sure your stroller in cleaned out.  Remove all not travel essential items from the pockets and bins.  

Strollers at the Gate

Give yourself plenty of time at the gate.  Often airline allow families extra time to board.  Take advantage of this extra time.  This gives you time to get down the jetway, remove all your belonging from the stroller and get it folded with the added pressure of a line up of people behind you.  Not only does this give you a little space it gives the ground handling staff time to take your stroller from the jet way and secure it in aircraft. Remember to remove all loose items from your stroller.  Blankets, pillows, toys, cupholders and tray tables can all fall out or off the stroller.   Use a bag to cover your stroller to keep everything together and clean.

gate check bag

Strollers at Baggage Claims Area

If you went ahead and checked in your stroller with your suitcases. it will meet you and the baggage claims area.  But its not going to show up on the carousel with all the suitcases going around.  Your stroller will most likely be waiting for you at a Fragile or oversized area need all the other baggage carousels.  Check the signage in the airport for this area. Remember Airports are very large areas. It may take some extra time to get your stroller to the fragile oversize areas.

baggage claim area

Use these simple tips for air travel with a stroller and your journey through the airport will be reduce a stressful situation.  





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