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Why I only take a carry-on

Why I only take a carry-on

I have one of the greatest jobs in world, I get to play.  I don’t go to work, I think of it as playing in a giant sand box.  Of course the trucks are much bigger, and the sand sometimes resembles snow but at the heart of it I am a big kid playing with my tractors in the sand.  I work at an airport moving aircraft from point to point and to and from the hanger.  Working for an airline has many great benefits.  The one that gets the most attention is the flight benefits.  As many in my airline family will tell you there are pros and there are cons. 

One is the lack of knowing if we are going to get on the flight or not.  As a rule many of us fly on a standby list.  Basically if there are empty seats on the plane we get to fly.  It’s also a numbers game.  How many airline employees are trying to fly on the same flight, what is the weight and balance of the aircraft, are their crew needed to get to the next city for work?  There are so many factors that go in to the decision of if we fly.  These factor in why I take only a carry-on.

I personally don’t like to check a suitcase if I can avoid it.  My reasons to only a carry-on are as follows:


  1. I don’t have to check a bag.  I get to avoid the ticket counter ant most of the time head straight to the security check point.  I have already checked in online and have a temporary board pass. 
  2. I avoid baggage fees. 
  3. I don’t have to worry about lost bags.  Everything I am traveling with, is with me.  If it gets lost it’s because of my error.
  4. If I get bumped from a flight I don’t have to worry if my bag is lost somewhere between the plane, the luggage sorting room, or it made the flight without me. (Yes I know its not supposed to happen, but it does)
  5. I don’t over pack.  Everything in my carry-on is planned and needed. 
  6. I avoid the baggage carousel. The long wait for the bags to finally arrive after a long flight.  While most people are waiting for their bag to go round and round, I am in a taxi, picking up my rental or driving away with my besty. 

Everyone has their on reasons for only taking a carry-on.  I find freedom in only taking a carry-on.  I started out on a night or two trips to now, weeks at a time.  It requires planning, skillful packing and sometimes the need to do laundry away from home.  Planning and organization are  at the heart of my success. 

Do you only travel with a carry-on?  What are your reasons? 


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